About us


Kloss Hold is a marketing company committed to working close to the market. Drawing on our experience of Field Marketing and advertising, we have set up three integrated departments with specialist skills in communication, dialogue marketing and airport media. We develop value-boosting, creative solutions based on our strengths in the areas of strategy, concept development, communication, market mobilisation and brand building. No matter whether you are working with Kloss Hold as a whole, or with any one of our departments, we are devoted to providing you with a solution distinguished by relevance, originality and impact.


We develop everything from holistic communication concepts and communication platforms to stand-alone communication solutions developed to match existing profiles. Kloss Hold applies strategic insight into sectors, categories and consumer awareness to highlight those qualities and values that constitute your identity and position in the market, and which lay the foundations for becoming a fully competitive brand.

Airport Media

Nordic airports constitute an attractive yet complicated arena for marketing. They provide contact with large, interesting target groups with appreciable spending power, but also feature high demands on security, quality and the flow of information. In addition to effective communication solutions and FM activities, Kloss Hold has built up a solid network of contacts, as well as competences regarding rules, regulations, routines, agreements and procedures, which we are happy to make available to players looking to make their mark on airports in the Nordic region.

Field Marketing

Kloss Hold is one of the most successful Field Marketing operators in the Nordic region. We have developed an unmatched pool of skills in entering into direct dialogue with customers at times, in places and in situations where they are suitably receptive to our offers. We can take responsibility for all areas of the process: communication, customer dialogue, registration and back office. For example, in recent years we have brought in more than 100,000 new customers for Bank Norwegian at airports in the Nordic region.



Kloss Hold possesses spearhead competence in concept development. By cultivating strong concepts that are fully relevant to the market, we establish a holistic, consistent and uniform mindset that charts direction and generates impact.


Kloss Hold has a solid understanding of strategic thinking and strategy development. We assist our customers in activating and highlighting their strongest advantages so as to boost competitiveness and achieve the position they desire in the market.


Kloss Hold strives to maintain a high creative level. We are committed to delivering relevant, original and thought-provoking communication solutions that involve receivers, stimulate their interest and make them more conscious of their choices.


Kloss Hold helps boost the value created by a product or service by highlighting inherent qualities and values in such a way that they become identified, appreciated and preferred by the appropriate target groups.

Field Marketing


By being out and about among the public, we have an unmatched opportunity to influence, to sell and to promote products and services. We plan, organise and execute national and international sales campaigns for heavyweight brand customers in the fields of banking/finance, travel, property and groceries.

Customer recruitment

Kloss Hold has superior skills and experience in Field Marketing. Through involving communication and dialogue, we establish deeper, more tightly controlled and more personal market cultivation. We approach people in places, in situations and in ways that allow them to be active participants in their own decisions.

Market mobilisation

We know how dependent on location and situation a good response can be. Market mobilisation has to do with priming the market for what we want to offer. Through purposeful use of different activities in different arenas, we can challenge automatic scepticism, work to break down mental obstacles, and reset the “default mode” to openness, receptiveness and interest.

Measurable results

In the same way as with digital media, Field Marketing makes it largely possible to measure results on an ongoing basis with regard to number of views, customer interviews, brochures distributed, leads generated, or the number of actual sales, for instance. You know what you are paying for, which means that you can adjust advertising level and customer acquisition on the basis of your budget.

Airport media

Media planning

Airports are unique worlds unto themselves. They attract large numbers of people with high spending power and provide the opportunity to reach a great many people in just a short space of time. However, they are also weighted down by numerous limitations and tough competition, which can easily put a dent in any type of creativity, plan or budget. Major differences exist with regards to how and where you should advertise in airports. This demands a thorough understanding early on in the planning phase. We have specialised in airport advertising for many years to be the leader in this channel. Simply put, we know where and how you should advertise to achieve the best results.

Airport advertising

Through our Communication and Field Marketing departments, we can devise campaigns to generate the best effect in the right location, and run staffed campaigns in the airports themselves. Thanks to our daily presence at the main Nordic airports, we possess unparalleled competence regarding opportunities, limitations, traffic flow, demographics, and what it takes to interact with the right target group(s) – and generate the best return on investment for our customers.

Airport events

At airports, people often have plenty of time and are extremely receptive to information and personal interaction. In order to make the very most of an advertising activity and campaign, it is possible to organise staffed events built up around competitions and activities designed to appeal to specific target groups. Kloss Hold employs staff with access to the major airports and can run large and small staffed promotion campaigns on both sides of the security check.


In our experience, the best terms and conditions are agreed through negotiation. We conduct individual negotiations with airports/copyright holders with regard to prices and options so that we can be sure of providing our customers with the best solution for long- and short-term campaigns alike. We plan effective campaigns that appeal to specific target groups rather than taking the “scatter gun approach”, thus ensuring that you reach the most possible for the least possible.